Dual PhD in Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering

The Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering strongly supports interdisciplinary PhD programs centering on the student's pursuit of a project that combines a specific application or algorithmic domain and the goals of the CMSE PhD program.  In order to qualify for such a program, the student's dissertation must include significant research contributions in both disciplines. 

MSU allows "dual PhD" programs for individual students to span graduate programs, as long as the graduate programs involved agree to do so.  It is typical that a student enters into a dual PhD program after starting graduate school at MSU in their primary department, and then arranges the secondary affiliation upon choice of a research project and advisor.  

See this page for information about the requirements for dual PhDs in CMSE (with CMSE as either the primary or the secondary program), this page for a description of the process, and Appendix C of the CMSE Graduate Handbook for example dual PhD programs between CMSE and several other disciplines.  The form required to apply for a dual PhD in CMSE and a second subject can be found here.  If you have questions questions that cannot be answered by the information contained in these pages, please contact the CMSE Graduate Director.