BE 835 - Modeling Methods in Bio Engineering - FS17


Numerical methods, parameter estimation, and statistical analysis for mathematical models used in engineering. Theory will be illustrated with examples from various engineering disciplines. MATLAB will be taught and used in the class, and is required to be used for homeworks and exams.


Time and Location: Tue and Thu, 4:10pm – 5:30pm. 105 Farrall Ag Eng Hall.

Instructor: Kirk Dolan, Room 135B G.M. Trout FSHN Building



  • Differential and integral calculus.
  • Familiarity with matrices and ordinary and partial differential equations.
  • Basic statistics. 
  • Prior knowledge of MATLAB is not required.
  • Previous knowledge of programming basics (e.g. for loops, if statements), will be helpful.

As this is a graduate class, you are held responsible for assigned readings that are not taught in class. Some chapters and concepts will not be taught during class time. You can ask questions about any reading that is unclear.