CHE 891 (Sect. 002) - Viscoelastic Fluids - SS17

This lecture series will focus on the theoretical and experimental foundations that govern the flow behavior of viscoelastic fluids. Theoretical relationships between molecular properties and continuum scale transport properties will be developed; and, the phenomenological properties of memory fluids will be illustrated. The significant, and unexpected, impact of viscoelasticity on non-turbulent flows and turbulent flows will be highlighted. The course is intended for advanced graduate students with an interest in developing a fundamental understanding of viscoelasticity. The class discussion will be supported by selected readings from the literature. Each student will have an opportunity to present oral presentations related to their emerging interest in memory fluids.


Time & Location: Tue, 6:00pm – 7:20pm. 2205 Engineering Building

Instructor: Charles A. Petty, 1245 Engineering Building


Phone: 517-353- 5486

  • Prior exposure to quantum mechanics and/or quantum chemistry 
  • Good mathematical skills is recommended
  • Open to graduate students in the College of Engineering or in the College of Natural