CMSE 890 (Sect. 001) - Image Processing Techniques - SS18


The CMSE Department will be offering a graduate course on Image Processing Techniques taught by faculty member /directory/faculty/dirk-colbry/">Dirk Colbry. In this course, we intend to develop and explore tools that assist researchers in analyzing their scientific image datasets. To do this we are focusing on the computational representation of images and the types and classes of algorithms that have been developed for science analysis.

The facilitating instructor for the course is Dr. Dirk Colbry, Director of HPC Studies, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering. 

Time & Location: M, W, & F 9:10am-10:00am. 1300 Engineering Building.

Instructor: D. Colbry, 1516 Engineering Building.


Prerequisites: Programming expereince is to be expected (CMSE 801 or equivalent). Most of the course will be taught in Python using Jupyter Notebooks. Prior knowledge of Python is not required, however, previous experience in a programming language is expected. Students will also be introduced to other imaging tools such as: ImageJ (Fiji), Matlab, OpenCV, ImageMagick, and FFMpeg.