CMSE491 (Section 002) - Numerical Linear Algebra


This is an introductory course on Linear Algebra with a focus on scientific/engineering applications and solving large problems using computers. This course will be instructed by Faculty Member, /directory/faculty/dirk-colbry/">Dirk Colbry.


Time & Location: Mon, Wed 10:20am - 11:40am, 337 Case Hall

Instructor: /directory/faculty/dirk-colbry/">Dr. Dirk Colbry, Room 1516 Engineering Building


Topics include:

  • Linear Equations and Vectors

  • Matrices and Linear Transformations

  • Determinants and Eigenvectors

  • Vector Spaces and Subspaces

  • Bases, Projections and Orthogonality

  • Numerical Methods to solving large scale problems

    Example application areas include:

  • Experimental Data Curve Fitting

  • Electrical Networks

  • Group Relationships in Sociology

  • Scientific Simulations (ex. weather prediction, fluid flow, etc.)

  • Image analysis

  • Robotic Manipulation



This course is taught using a flipped classroom format similar to CMSE 201/202. In a flipped classroom, students watch recorded video lectures outside of class and then work individually and in groups to solve problems during class. Class examples and assignments will be done using the Python programming language.