FOR 875 (Sect. 730) - R Programming for Data Science

FOR/STT 875 R Programming for Data Sciences - ONLINE  

Available for undergraduate and graduate students. There are no perquisite or co-requisite courses.  

Duration: 5/14/18-8/16/18  

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Course instructor: Dr. Andrew Finley  

Course overview: R has emerged as a preferred programming language in a wide range of data intensive disciplines. The goal of this course is to teach applied and theoretical aspects of R programming for data sciences. Topics will cover generic programming language concepts as they are implemented in high-level languages such as R. Course content focuses on design and implementation of R programs to meet routine and specialized data manipulation/management and analysis objectives. Attention will also be given to mastering concepts and tools necessary for implementing reproducible research.  

`The course is delivered entirely online through the course management system D2L. Topics listed below are covered in an active, project-based learning environment:  

-History and overview of R -Install and configuration of R programming environment

-Basic language elements and data structures


-Data input/output

-Data storage formats

-Subsetting objects


-Control structures


-Scoping Rules

-Loop functions

-Graphics and visualization

-Grammar of data manipulation (dplyr and related tools)  


-Statistical simulation  

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