How to Book MI Flyer and Flights

For procedures of charging Michigan flyer tickets to an MSU account, click here.

For instructions on how to book a flight using Concur, click here.


Instructions on how to use the new travel system

CMSE Graduate Students:  The new travel system will currently NOT allow Graduate Students to book their own flights within Concur electronically—you will NOT see a tab for flights.  You will need to find the flight you wish to take, call Concur/Conlin directly (517-827-2719) and speak with a travel agent to book your flight.  Tell them you are a Graduate Student in CMSE and wish to direct bill your flight.  Give them the account number and ask them to contact Lisa Roy (517-432-0167) or Melinda McEwan (517-432-0164) for department authorization.


Creating Travel Profile


How to Create a Travel Request


Submitting Expense Request


New Reimbursement Policy Effective July 1, 2019