Instructions on how to use the new travel system

CMSE Graduate Students:  The new travel system will currently NOT allow Graduate Students to book their own flights within Concur electronically—you will NOT see a tab for flights.  You will need to find the flight you wish to take, call Concur/Conlin directly (517-827-2719) and speak with a travel agent to book your flight.  Tell them you are a Graduate Student in CMSE and wish to direct bill your flight.  Give them the account number and ask them to contact Lisa Roy (517-432-0167) or Melinda McEwan (517-432-0164) for department authorization.


Creating Travel Profile


How to book MI Flyer and Flights

For procedures of charging Michigan flyer tickets to an MSU account, click here.

For instructions on how to book a flight using Concur, click here.


New Reimbursement Policy Effective July 1, 2019