About Me


B. Tech. Industrial Biotechnology, 2006, Anna University (India)

Ph.D. Genetics Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, 2010, Virginia Tech (USA)

Academic Appointments

Graduate research assistant, Virginia Tech, 2006-2010

Postdoctoral research associate, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, 2010-2011

Postdoctoral research associate, Princeton University, 2011-2013

Associate Research Scholar, Princeton University, 2013-present

Research Interests

My research is broadly in the fields of genomics and computational biology. During my graduate studies, I developed computational genomic methods to reconstruct the gene-regulatory programs in both model and crop plants. This work helped reveal specific transcription factors that regulate cellular pathways that have considerable implications for bioenergy production as well as help produce genetically engineered rice that have undiminished yield under stress.

During my postdoctoral research, I developed integrative data-driven approaches to study tissue-specificity in the function of human genes and their association with complex diseases. This work led to the first computational tools for systematically exploring how genes and their interactions shape hundreds of tissues and cell types in our body (giant.princeton.edu). I also subsequently developed a method that uses the tissue-specific networks to predict and study novel disease genes. This method helped us make the first genome-wide prediction of autism-associated genes placed in specific functional and developmental contexts of the human brain (asd.princeton.edu), a rich resource of uncharacterized autism-risk gene candidates that can be followed-up towards targeted screening and therapy.