Huey-Wen Lin

Huey-Wen Lin

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Room 4208, Biomedical and Physical Science Building
  567 Wilson Rd.
 (517) 884-5594

Ph.D. in physics, Columbia University in the city of New York.

B.A. in Physics, National Taiwan University

Huey-Wen Lin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering; and in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University. She has an h-index of 34, including 2 book publications, and has presented invited talks at conferences and workshops around the world. She organized a summer school for lattice QCD, as well as programs and workshops for several subfields of physics. She often serves as conveners for a wide range of international conferences, and recently served as a panelist at the recent US Department of Energy Exascale Requirements Review for Nuclear Physics.

From 1999 to 2000, she was a lecturer at National Taiwan University in Taipei. From 2006 to 2009, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Theory Group at Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory in Newport News, VA. She generated special ensembles of QCD vacuum and was involved in developing a novel technique, constructing hundreds of complicated lattice operators to study excited baryon states. From 2009 to 2014, she was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, where she worked on hadron-hadron interactions and nuclear properties, and started a new collaboration, Precision Neutron-Decay Matrix Elements (PDNME), for precision lattice-QCD study of nucleon properties for new-physics searches. From 2015 to July 2016, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at University of California, Berkeley, where she developed the breakthrough work directly calculating the Bjorken-x dependence of the parton distribution functions on the lattice.

•    High-performance Supercomputers.

•    Physical Quantities at the Quark and Gluon Level (using quantum chromodynamics or QCD).  

•    Lattice Gauge Theory.

•    Lattice QCD

•    Particle Physics

•    Bjorken-x dependence of nucleon parton distribution functions.

Editors Huey-Wen Lin and Harvey Meyer Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics, Springer Lecture Note Series, ISBN: 978-3-319-08021-5 (print), 978-3-319-08022-2 (online), 2014
Invited chapter “Exponential Time Series in Lattice Quantum Field Theory”, S. D. Cohen, G. T. Fleming and H.-W. Lin, Exponential Data Fitting and its Applications, Bentham eBooks, ISBN:978-1-60805-048-2
Contributed chapter “Searching for New Physics with Precision Measurements and Computations” in QCD-Driven Strongly Coupled Physics: Challenges, Scenarios and Perspectives, European Physical Journal C, Volume 74, Issue 10
Huey-Wen Lin, Jiunn-Wei Chen, Saul D. Cohen, Xiangdong Ji, “Flavor Structure of the Nucleon Sea from Lattice QCD”, Phys. Rev. D91, 054510, 2015 (arXiv:1402.1462 [hep-ph])
Jiunn-Wei Chen, Xiangdong Ji, Huey-Wen Lin, and Jian-Hui Zhang, “Helicity and Transversity Parton Distribution from Lattice QCD”, Frontiers Article in Nuclear Physics B911, 246 (2016), 1603.06664 [hep-ph]


FS-17: CMSE 201 Intro to Computational Modeling

SS-18: PHY 232 Introductory Physics II

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