Jianliang Qian

Jianliang Qian

Professor, Department of Mathematics; Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Room C306, Wells Hall
 619 Red Cedar Rd.
 (517) 353-6334

B.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, China
M.A. and Ph.D., Rice University, Houston, Texas

Jianliang Qian is currently  Professor of mathematics at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Qian earned his Ph.D. at Rice University. From August 2000 to July 2002, he was a postdoc fellow at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota. From July 2002 to July 2005, he was a CAM assistant professor at UCLA. From August 2005 to July 2007, he was an assistant professor at Wichita State University. From August 2007 to June 2010, he was an assistant professor at Michigan State University. He was promoted to Professor at MSU in July 2015. Qian has published more than 50 journal papers. His research is mainly supported by NSF. 

•    Fast numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations

•    Fast sweeping methods for eikonal equations

•    Fast Gaussian beam methods for high frequency wave propagation

•    Fast Huygens sweeping methods for high frequency wave propagation

•    Fast numerical methods for wave-related inverse problems

•    Fast level-set methods for inverse gravimetry

•    Fast algorithms for seismic imaging and medical imaging

W. Lu and J. Qian, A Local Level Set Method for Three-dimensional Inversion of Gravity Gradient Data. Geophysics 80 (2015): G35-G51. pdf
J. Qian, S. Luo and R. Burridge, Fast Huygens sweeping methods for multiarrival Green's functions of Helmholtz equations in the high frequency regime. Geophysics 80 (2015): T91-T100. pdf
W. Lu, S. Leung and J. Qian, An Improved Fast Local Level Set Method for Three-dimensional Inverse Gravimetry. Inverse Problems and Imaging 9 (2015): 479-509. pdf
E. Chung, C. Y. Lam and J. Qian, A staggered discontinuous Galerkin method for the simulation of Rayleigh waves. Geophysics 80 (2015): T119-T135. pdf
R. Glowinski, S. Leung, and J. Qian, A penalization-regularization-operator splitting method for eikonal-based traveltime tomography. SIAM J. Imaging Sciences 8 (2015): 1263-1292. pdf


FS-17: CMSE 823 Numerical Linear Algebra

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