FS-2019: CMSE-201, “Introduction to Computational Modeling”. 
SS-2019: CMSE-801, “Introduction to Computational Modeling”.
FS-2018: CMSE-491/CMSE-890, “Computational Medicine”, New course on bioinformatics, systems biology, computational genomics, multi-omics integration and genotype-phenotype mapping, including algorithm lectures, interactive journal clubs, and real-world projects.
SS-2018: CMSE-201, “Introduction to Computational Modeling”.
Summer 2017: Computational Biology 3-week Workshop Series: Interactive workshop on bioinformatics and its applications for students with diverse backgrounds, including real-world data processing, programming, statistical analysis and visualizations.
SS-2017: Modular course material development for “Computational biology: programming, statistics and RNA-seq analysis”.


Graduate Student Supervision:

Binbin Huang, Ph.D. of CMSE, started from 01.2017;

Hao Wang, Ph.D. of CMSE, starting from 08.2017;

Penghui Sun, Ph.D. of CMSE, starting from 08.2017.

Georgia Tech:

2008: Teaching Assistant, School of Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology.

2007: Teaching Assistant, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology.