Jose Perea

Jose Perea

Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering; Department of Mathematics
Room 1512, Engineering Building
 428 S. Shaw Ln.
 (517) 432-0679

B.S., 2006, Mathematics, Universidad del Valle - Cali, Colombia (Summa cum laude and Valedictorian)
Ph.D., 2011, Mathematics, Stanford University

Jose Perea is an active researcher in the area of computational topology and topological data analysis. Broadly speaking, his work entails applications and adaptations of ideas from algebraic and geometric topology to the study of high-dimensional and complex data. Perea received his B.S. in mathematics from Universidad del Valle in 2006 (Summa cum laude), a Ph.D. in mathematics from Stanford University in 2011, and held a postdoctoral position as a visiting assistant professor in the department of mathematics at Duke University (2011 to 2015). In spring of 2014, he was a member of the Institute for Mathematics and Applications at the University of Minnesota, during the annual thematic program on scientific and engineering applications of algebraic topology.

•    Computational Geometric and Algebraic Topology

•    Data Analysis

•    Machine Learning

•    Computer Vision

•    Computational Biology

The research group of Dr. Jose Perea works on problems at the intersection of algebra, topology, geometry and data science.  The successful applicant will co-lead the development of novel methods for data analysis using tools from algebraic topology (e.g. fiber bundles, obstruction theory and spectral sequences), as well as their application to machine learning problems including non-linear dimensionality reduction, multimodal time series analysis and data fusion.  Candidates are expected to hold a PhD in mathematics at the time of appointment, have a strong background in algebraic topology and related areas, as well as coding proficiency in environments such as MATLAB and Python.  Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Jose Perea (, and more information can be found at

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