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Min Chen [] (Computational Seismology, Assistant Professor in CMSE and Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research in developing and applying computational methods and algorithms to enable fast and high-fidelity multi-scale seismic imaging, with emphasis on full waveform inversion and imaging of seismic structure and earthquake source. Potential projects include but are not limited to assimilating large seismic waveform data sets to obtain improved images of lithospheric structure beneath continents and continental margins, melt distribution in the crust and the mantle, three-dimensional slab geometry in the subduction zones, and large earthquake rupture processes with the complexity of seismic structure considered. Candidates with strong background in seismic imaging and high-performance computing will be given priority. Experience with large data sets, machine learning, and GPU programming are desired. The successful candidate will be working with Dr. Min Chen. Preferred start date no later than September 1st, 2018, earlier if possible.

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