About Me


Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park, 2013.

Advisor(s): John Benedetto, Wojciech Czaja. 

B.S. in Mathematics, Peking University, 2007.

B.A. in Economics, Peking University, 2007.


Academic Service

Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, and IEEE Signal Processing Letters (2016-2017).

Organizer of Dnoise seminar, the University of British Columbia (2015-2016).

Co-organizer of harmonic analysis seminar, University of Maryland ( 2011-2012).


Honors and Awards

Academic Excellence Award, University of Maryland, September 2007.

Ruth Davis Award for outstanding academic accomplishments, University of Maryland, October 2009.


Research Groups

(2013-present) Seismic image inversion, supported by Seismic Imaging by Next-Generation Basis Functions Decomposition (SINBAD).

(2011-2013) Audio signal classification, supported by the Laboratory of Telecommunication Sciences (LTS).

(2010-2011) Classification of Synthetic Aperture Sonar data, supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

(2010) Dimension reduction for hyperspectral data, supported by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) NURI.