About Me


Ph.D. in Astrophysics, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010

M.S. in Astrophysics, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008

B.S. in Physics (minor, astronomy), Butler University, 2006

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 2015-

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology, 2014 – 2015
Sponsor: Christian D. Ott

Hubble Fellow, 2011 – 2014

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago, 2010 – 2011
Faculty contact: Donald Q. Lamb 

Research Interests

Core-collapse supernovae

Multidimensional stellar evolution

Black hole accretion

Gamma-ray bursts


Radiation-hydrodynamics of self-gravitating systems


Radiation and neutrino transport

Solvers for hyperbolic and elliptical PDEs.

Adaptive mesh refinement techniques

Open-source science software