Shinhan Shiu

Shinhan Shiu

Professor, Department of Plant Biology; Associate Professor, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Room 2265, Molecular Plant Science Building
612 Wilson Rd
 (517) 353-719


Shin-Han Shiu was trained as a microbiologist during his undergraduate years and went on to study receptor biochemistry in University of Wisconsin for his PhD. During the latter part of his PhD years in late 90s, multiple genome projects started, and Shin-Han started to be fascinated with evolution and genome biology questions, and particularly how computational approaches could be used to resolve them. Armed with an interest in the application of computation in biology and in evolution, Shin-Han went on to be a postdoctoral scientist in Institute of Bioinformatics, Helmholtz Zentrum München (then GSF), Germany to learn more about computational biology; and an NIH National Research Service Award Fellow in University of Chicago to gain a better understanding of evolutionary processes.

Since arriving in Michigan State University in 2006, his laboratory has focused on understanding how genome function and evolve, as well as how computational modeling and quantitative approaches can be used to answer biological questions.

FS-17: IBIO341 Introductory genetics

FS-18: PLB400/810 Theories and practices in bioinformatics

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[2]  Uygun S, Seddon AE, Azodi C, Shiu SH (2017) Predictive models of spatial transcriptional response to high salinity. Plant Physiol. 174:450-464.

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