Wolfgang Kerzendorf

Wolfgang Kerzendorf

Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (CMSE); Department of Physics and Astronomy 

About Me


Before coming to MSU, Dr. Kerzendorf was an astronomer at ESO, where he started in late 2014 as an ESO Fellow. Before that, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Toronto. His thesis, titled "Type Ia Supernovae: Progenitors and explosions", was finished in 2011 at the Australian National University.

Research Interests

•     Supernovae

•     Big Data Astrophysics

•     Natural Language Processing

Selected Publications

[1]  Kerzendorf, W. E., Schmidt, B. P., Asplund, M., Nomoto, K., Podsiadlowski, P., Frebel, A., Fesen, R. A., & Yong, D. 2009, ApJ, 701, 1665, “Subaru High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Star G in the Tycho Supernova Remnant” (ADS link)

[2]  Tanaka,M.,Mazzali,P.A.,Stanishev,V.,Maurer,I.,Kerzendorf,W.E.,&Nomoto,K.2011,MNRAS, 410, 1725, “Abundance stratification in Type Ia supernovae - III. The normal SN 2003du” (ADS link)

[3]  Kerzendorf, W. E. 2011, PhD thesis, Australian National University, Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics (ADS link)

[4]  Harris, G. L. H., G√≥mez, M., Harris, W. E., Johnston, K., Kazemzadeh, F., Kerzendorf, W., Geisler, D., & Woodley, K. A. 2012, AJ, 143, 84, “Eight Hundred New Candidates for Globular Clusters in NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)” (ADS link)

[5]  Kerzendorf, W. E., Schmidt, B. P., Laird, J. B., Podsiadlowski, P., & Bessell, M. S. 2012, ApJ, 759, 7, “Hunting for the Progenitor of SN 1006: High-resolution Spectroscopic Search with the FLAMES Instrument” (ADS link)