De-Qi Wen

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering;
College of Natural Science and College of Engineering

Room 1515, Engineering Building
  428 South Shaw Lane



  • 09/2015-10/2017, Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley (Joint Training PhD candidate, Advisor: Prof Michael A Lieberman and You-Nian Wang)
  • 09/2012-09/2015, Plasma Physics, School of Physics, Dalian University of Technology (PhD candidate, Advisor: Prof You-Nian Wang)
  • 09/2008-07/2012, B.S., Physics (Major), Dalian University of Technology
  • 03/2010-07/2012, Applied Mathematics (Minor), Dalian University of Technology


Research Interests:

  • Multipacting and the relevant ionization breakdown physics in wave transmission devices, performing analytical and 1D/2D particle-in-cell simulation studies.
  • Low temperature plasmas including capacitive and inductive discharge; analytical and computational plasma physics; 1D/2D particle-in-cell /Monte-Carlo simulation, volumetric homogeneous model (kinetic global model), fluid description of plasma, partial experimental diagnostics; especially interested in electrostatic and electromagnetic effects in two-dimensional capacitive discharges, wave propagation, plasma series resonance, sheath kinetic.


Published Journal Papers: