Postdoc & Ph.D. Positions in Bioinformatics - Wang Lab

Position; Dr. Jianrong Wang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE) of Michigan State University. He is looking for highly self-motivated graduate students and postdocs to join his lab:

Dr. Wangs interdisciplinary research is in the fields of Bioinformatics, Machine learning and Systems Biology, with a focus on building novel integrative probabilistic models and efficient machine learning algorithms to infer important biological signatures/patterns for functional genomics, chromatin dynamics, gene regulatory networks and human diseases (e.g. cancer) based on heterogeneous high-throughput biological datasets. Specific emphases include:

  1. Genome-wide dissection of different regulatory elements and higher-order cell-type specific regulatory networks based on genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic datasets
  2. Identification of perturbed molecular phenotypes and pathways underlying human diseases based on systems-level modeling of gene regulation
  3. Elucidation of complex 3D chromatin structure dynamics and long-range regulatory interactions across diverse cell differentiation
  4. Computational methodology developments to facilitate efficient design and analysis of new high-throughput experimental techniques

Dr. Wang has 1 open Ph.D. position (supported as graduate research assistant) and 1 open Postdoc position available for 2017 Spring or Fall semesters. The successful candidates are expected to be committed to research listed above.

Qualifications; Candidates with excellent mathematics or statistics (especially machine learning) background and strong programming skills ((Perl | Python | C | C++ | Java) & R) are encouraged to apply. Knowledge in genomics is a plus but not required.

Application Process:  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Wang and send your CV to:

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