Special Colloquium - Dr. Michael Feig

  • Oct 14, 2016

10:30am - Friday October 14, 2016, 1502 Engineering Building

Colloquium by Dr. Michael Feig, Michigan State University

Title: “Exploring the structure and dynamics of biomolecules from molecular to cellular scales via multi-scale computer simulation methods"

Abstract:  Detailed structural and dynamical formation of how biological macromolecules, in particular proteins and nucleic acids, act and interact within biological environments is key in fully understanding biological processes. While computer simulations of single molecules have become routine, major challenges are still how to connect with biological time scales on one side and embrace the full complexity of cellular environments on the other side. Multi-scale approaches are one strategy to overcome the challenges in expanding both the temporal and spatial domains. A variety of approaches will be discussed, including implicit solvent formalism and coarse- graining strategies. Applications of such methodology to questions of biological relevance are discussed, ranging from membrane-interaction peptides, to models of bacterial cytoplasms and models of bacterial chromosomal DNA structure.


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