Fall 2017 CMSE Seminar Series

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The seminar series will be held at 4 p.m. on Mondays in 1502/1503 Engineering Building, with light refreshments and conversation at 3:45 in the same room.






9/25 Edmond Chow (GA Tech): "Numerical methods for large-scale molecular dynamics"
10/2 Howard Levinson (U. Michigan): "Inverse problems - methods and applications"
10/9 James Cooley (LANL): "Computational plasma physics applications"
10/16 Ann Almgren (LBL): "Methods for massively parallel multi physics simulations"
10/23 Shin-Han Shiu (MSU): "Plant genetics"
10/30 Narayana Aluru (UIUC): "Computational nanotechnology and microtechnology"
11/6 George Mias (MSU): "Precision medicine"
11/13 Aaron Frank (U. Michigan): "Modeling and simulation of molecular structure"