Frontiers in Computing and Data Science 2017

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When: September 17-20

Where: Michigan State Univeristy Union Building on MSU Campus.

Speakers: Dr. Robert Axtell, Dr. Keiron Burke, Dr. Bo Li, Dr. Karthik Duraisamy, Dr. Fan Jianqing, and more!


Registration for the Frontiers Workshop is currently open and will officially close August 31, 2017.

To Register, follow the link below and visit our Workshop Website:


The Frontiers in Data Science and Computing workshop brings together visionaries, scientists, practitioners and other stakeholders in computational science (broadly defined to include algorithmic aspects of data science and scientific computing).  Our model for the Frontiers workshop series is a successful format commonly seen in Silicon Valley, which combines motivation “big picture” talks with activities designed to foster ideas, create community, and allow significant interactions between application/domain scientists and algorithm designers.  Based on the successful outcomes of our pilot Frontiers workshops in 2015 and 2016, we anticipate that this annual workshop series will result in fruitful scientific exchanges and new interdisciplinary collaborations from academia (across disciplines), industry and governmental agencies.  For 2017, the Frontiers workshop will focus on data-infused computing, which is a new area merging data science with scientific computing.  “Frontiers in Data Science and Computing 2017” will be one of the first venues to explore this topic and its high-impact potential in areas as diverse as medicine, astronomy, physics, computer architecture, smart grids, and climate change.