iCER & CMSE - Research Computing Cowork

April 25th, 10:30AM to 12:00PM

iCER & CMSE are coordinating a series of coworking meetups revolving around scientific computing and HPC.  Coworking is a style of work that involves people (from a wide variety of backgrounds) working in a shared workspace. In our case, we’re inviting other HPCers to a Coworking space to work on their research. 

  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • Building Collaborations
  • New connections with other HPCers

This meetup provides the research computing community with a shared working space to meet collaborators, share knowledge, and get help. We also invite groups to reserve time for focused discussions that may be of interest to the broader research computing community.
Ideally, people from a variety of departments and expertise would all show up and sit together to do their research or meet collaborators. This can include: faculty, post-docs, graduates, undergraduates, etc. iCER Research Specialists and HPCC system administrators will be present.  We will have an epad set up when you get there where you can "check-in" share some keywords/interests/goals - this will help to facilitate the connections.

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