Inverse Problems Symposium 2018, June 3-5 at MSU

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The IPS 2018 will be held at Michigan State University on June 3-5, 2018.

Presentations in all areas having to do with inverse problems are welcome.

If you are interested in organizing a session, please let Kirk Dolan know.

Important dates are found at the website.


Important dates:

Abstract submission opens: December 30, 2017
Abstract submission closes: May 1, 2018

Early Registration opens: January 15, 2018
Early Registration ends: May 1, 2018


Topis include:

  1. Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Inverse Problems
    1. Theory and Methods of Inverse Problems
    2. Stability and Error Analysis
  2. Design of Experiments
    1. Optimal Design of Experiments
    2. Analysis of Actual Experimental Data
  3. Applications
    1. Heat Transfer, Applied Mechanics, Controls, Other Engineering Disciplines
    2. Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Medicine
    3. Nondestructive Evaluation
    4. Nanoengineering
    5. Tomography and Inverse Scattering
    6. Geology and Environmental Phenomena
    7. Economics
    8. Food and Bioprocessing
    9. Bioengineering
    10. Packaging


We hope to see you there!

Kirk Dolan, IPS 2018 Chair, MSU