Summer 2017 | Bioinformatics Workshops at MSU |

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The CMSE Department is offering three week-long bionformatics workshops. Each week, we will meet from 8:30am - 12:30pm, Monday through Friday, in Room 1502/1503 Engineering Building. Cost is $50 per person per workshop and must be paid via an MSU grant. A limited number of fee waivers are available. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Week 1: July 31 -- August 4
Week 2: August 7 -- 11
Week 3: August 14 -- 18

If you click the registration link below and get a permissions error, please go to  Click on Google Drive and log in using your MSU NetID and password.  Then try clicking the link again.
Send questions about the workshops and issues with registration to the Bioinformatics Coordinator at

In Week 1, we will introduce you to UNIX commands and R programming, and show how to integrate them to create automated, reproducible workflows.

    • Download, organize, modify data files using Linux utilities
    • Use RStudio and R Notebooks to write & execute R programs
    • Implement file input/output, loops, control statement, and functions in R
    • Import and use external R packages
    • Manipulate data and make multiple types of plots

In Week 2, we will introduce you to a range of fundamental concepts in statistics and demonstrate how to apply them for routine data analyses.

    • Summarize data using descriptive statistics and plots
    • Learn common continuous & discrete distributions and use them in R
    • Perform parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing
    • Learn and perform multivariable data analysis (regression, clustering, & PCA)

In Week 3, we demonstrate all the steps involved in turning RNA-Seq raw reads into gene-expression levels, differentially-expressed genes, enriched pathways, and gene/sample clusters.

    • Execute quality control and mapping of RNA-seq reads
    • Quantify gene, transcript, and exon expression levels
    • Perform differential expression and pathway enrichment analyses
    • Perform advanced analyses including clustering, PCA, and network analysis