CMSE Assistant Professor Min Chen Awarded New NSF Award

  • Aug 9, 2018
  • News
One of CMSE's Assistant Professors, Min Chen, has just received the NSF Geophysics award as the lead-PI on a collaborative research project entitled "Exploring the nature of deep-focus earthquakes in the Japan, Kuril, and Izu-Bonin subduction zones". This award will allocate $330,500 to MSU for her computational seismology lab to conduct the related research. She will be collaborating with Eric Kiser, a faculty at University of Arizona on this three-year project. 
Their goal is to improve seismic velocity structure and earthquake source imaging resolution in the Japan, Kuril, and Izu-Bonin regions, which host a significant number of deep earthquakes. The improved seismic images will clarify the spatial relationships between earthquake source properties and the internal structure of subducting slabs. These relationships will provide a new set of fundamental constraints for evaluating the viability of proposed deep earthquake source mechanisms.
The details of this NSF award can be found on this web page.