CMSE faculty member Michael Murillo's paper published in's Scientific Reports Vol. 7

  • Nov 29, 2017
  • News

Congratulations to CMSE faculty member Michael Murillo  for getting his paper on viscous quantum hydrodynamics modeling published!


A viscous quantum hydrodynamics model based on dynamic density functional theory (article)


Diaw, Abdourahmane and Murillo, Michael S.


Scientific Reports






Dynamic density functional theory (DDFT) is emerging as a useful theoretical technique for modeling the dynamics of correlated systems. We extend DDFT to quantum systems for application to dense plasmas through a quantum hydrodynamics (QHD) approach. The DDFT-based QHD approach includes correlations in the the equation of state self-consistently, satisfies sum rules and includes irreversibility arising from collisions. While QHD can be used generally to model non-equilibrium, heterogeneous plasmas, we employ the DDFT-QHD framework to generate a model for the electronic dynamic structure factor, which offers an avenue for measuring hydrodynamic properties, such as transport coefficients via x-ray Thomson scattering.

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