CMSE hosts NSF-funded CyberAmbassadors Fellows Program

  • Jul 31, 2019
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The department of Computational Mahtematiccs Science and Engineering (CMSE) hosted 32 volunteers from across the country at Michigan State University (MSU) on July 18-19 as part of the Inaugural CyberAmbassador Fellows Program (NSF Award Numbe 1730137: CyberTraining: CIP - Professional Skills for CyberAmbassadors, PIs Dr. Dirk Colbry and Dr. Kathleen Luchini-Colbry).

During the two day training Fellows learned facilitation skills to conduct their own workshops using the CyberAmbassador professional skills curriculum (covering communications, teamwork and leadership skills). Please visit the CyberAmbassadors website to learn more about the program and opportunities to apply for a CyberAmbassadors Fellowship.


Group pic from cyber ambassador 2019