CMSE postdoc Philipp Grete receives prestigious award from German Astronomical Society

  • Sep 15, 2017
  • News

Full Press Release from German Astronomical Society:

MSU astrophysicist Philipp Grete receives the Doctoral Thesis Award 2017 from the German Astronomical Society (AG). The AG awards him for his outstanding research on magnetohydrodynamic turbulence that he finished last year in the “International Max Planck Research School for Solar System Science at the University of Göttingen” at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Science (MPS) and the Institute for Astrophysics. One of these is awarded per year, to the student deemed to have the most outstanding dissertation in astronomy and astrophysics awarded from a German university the previous year.

The analysis of magnetohydrodynamics, plays a key role in understanding the physics of the Sun and other stars, energetic matter streams or flows (so called jets), or in cosmology for studies of galaxy clusters.

“In his dissertation Dr. Grete designed a method that calculates only the largest scales explicitly while the connection to the smaller, typically unresolved scales is made by analytical models. This approach has not been used in the context of magnetohydrodynamics in this form before. His work presents a great advancement.” says Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinmetz, President of the German Astronomical Society.

With his research Dr. Grete was able to show that this method, i.a., outperforms other methods with respect to accuracy and efficiency, and is also applicable to different regimes. This work paves new ways in this area and the results are interdisciplinary relevant according to the referees.

The award is granted to Dr. Philipp Grete during the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the AG in Göttingen (September 18 to 22).