CMSE scientist Alex Dickson in an international team awarded a grant from the Human Frontier Science Program

  • Mar 24, 2017
  • News

CMSE scientist Alex Dickson, along with Danny Hatters, Simon Ebbinghaus, and Hannah Nicholas, was awarded a Program Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program. The grant topic was "Defining the capacity of cells to keep the proteome folded over space and time." HFSP’s collaborative Research Grants are given for a broad range of projects under the umbrella theme of “Complex mechanisms of living organisms." Program Grants appeal to the innovative and creative potential of the applicants. The team will be awarded $400k per year over the next three years, which will be split among the members. The proposal was very competitive, starting with 851 Letters of Intent, narrowed down to 60 full applications, and eventually resulted in 21 awards. This team was ranked 4th overall. As this is Dickson's first grant, the CMSE department looks forward to see what comes next for him.

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