Digital Poster Session in the MSU Library New 360 Room

  • Sep 14, 2018
  • News

The CMSE department has recently taken steps to provide eco-friendly alternatives to consuming mass amounts of paper.

Each year, an overwhelming number of paper posters are created, then thrown away immediately after presentations. To exemplify potential solutions to this environmental issue, the department took usage of the new MSU library's 360 room to demonstrate a digital poster session.

This idea not only provides an eco-friendly alternative to posters, but also allows a clearer view for audiences and ease from manual printing for presenters. Although this solution seems difficult in the short-term for large-scale poster sessions, it shows to be a great idea for small-scaled ones and serves as a friendly push for more digitalized environments as the 360 room.

Some pictures from the trial are shown below:


An overall view of half of the 360 room with posters on the screen.

A view of the 360 room with presenters in front of their projected posters.

A close view of the 360 projection board and projected posters.

A front-view of a projected poster.