Hao Wang Received Honorable Mention for Fitch H. Beach Award

  • Mar 29, 2019
  • News

The Fitch H. Beach Award for Outstanding Graduate Research is an endowed award created by Janet M. Beatty in honor of her uncle. The award serves to recognize the most outstanding graduate researchers from each department within the College of Engineering.

For the nomination process, each department nominates one PhD student, and through the students' academic and professional records and an oral presentation of their research, awardees are chosen. They receive stipends, a certificate, and a medal.

Under the advice of CMSE faculty Jianrong Wang, Hao Wang received the "Honorable Mention" for this award. He was one of eight total awardees. The complete list of awardees is shown in this link here.

Again, congratulations to Hao Wang for the news!