New Publication from FMATH Group

  • Mar 12, 2019
  • News

CMSE faculty member, Mohsen Zayernouri, the director of FMATH group (, is publishing a new peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Scientific Computing (Springer) titled:

Ehsan Kharazmi and Mohsen Zayernouri, (2019) "Fractional Sensitivity Equation Method: Application to Fractional Model Construction", Journal of Scientific Computing, pp.1-31 (DOI: 10.1007/s10915-019-00935-0). 



Fractional differential equations provide a tractable mathematical framework to describe anomalous behavior in complex physical systems, yet they introduce new sensitive model parameters, i.e. derivative orders, in addition to model coefficients. We formulate a sensitivity analysis of fractional models by developing a fractional sensitivity equation method. We obtain the adjoint fractional sensitivity equations, in which we present a fractional operator associated with logarithmic-power law kernel. We further construct a gradient-based optimization algorithm to compute an accurate parameter estimation in fractional model construction. We develop a fast, stable, and convergent Petrov–Galerkin spectral method to numerically solve the coupled system of original fractional model and its corresponding adjoint fractional sensitivity equations.


Link to view the full paper