The Murillo Group gets published in Physical Review X

  • May 29, 2018
  • News

The Murillo Group has been published in the Physical Review X, the premier journal of the American Physical Society, for a new multiscale molecular dynamics method. They developed a new multiscale algorithm that allows one to employ very accurate (but slow) techniques to a new class of problems that occur on long lengths and time scales. Using that new algorithm allowed them to simulate an important problem in fusion plasma physics where they were able to examine a range of new physics issues.

Physical Review X is the most competitive journal in the American Physical Society. The journal requires something that is game changing, either opening a new field of study and/or results that changes thinking on a scientific problem. The groups work took place over many years, and used one of the largest supercomputers at the time (which was at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). 

A link to the article, "Multiscale Molecular Dynamics Model for Heterogeneous Charged Systems", can be found below:

A PDF can be found below:

Multiscale Molecular Dynamics Model for Heterogeneous Charged Systems