The Zombie Apocalypse is upon CMSE

  • Apr 10, 2017
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CMSE 201 students have been learning and working with compartmental models, their latest project...ZOMBIES! First they looked at a basic compartmental model that included susceptible people, people infected with the zombie disease, the zombie population, and the recovered/removed population (SIZR model). They then changed this model based on work done by Munz et al., and included a quarantine compartment in one model (SIZRQ model) and a treatment compartment in another (SIZRT model). Students then changed the rates that zombies were treated/quarantined in each of these models in order to view the impact these rates would have during a zombie apocalypse. According to the students, our best chance of survival is treating the zombie virus, however even that does not give us much of a chance against a zombie population.


comparison between two zombie models

Result by Nicholas Todoroff, edited by Jackie and Katrina.